Hijab Tutorial How to Wear Hijab Paris For Round Face

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Hijab Tutorial - Assalamualaikum, Have a round face is a little difficult when wearing the hijab, because with this shape of your face ali often in trouble with the style that fits you wear hijab. In addition, a round face rarely get the appropriate hijab styles. One vote, then they will look a little less unsightly. But not to worry, the hijab tutorial we will discuss this time, you will get a matching hijab style worn for the hijaber who have a round face.

By doing so, the confidence abda wear the hijab will be back up and make you look stunning. Before we discuss the steps, it is better if first we will prepare any materials that need to be prepared. By doing so, you will not have trouble looking for these materials when you're busy sitting.

Step Preparations :
  • 1 Piece hijab Morocco
  • 1 Piece hijab Paris
  • Some pin
If the materials mentioned above, you have prepared, the next step then you can figure out the steps of the tutorial hijab at this time.
Hijab Tutorial
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Steps How to Wear Hijab Paris For Round Face

  1. The first step, you can begin by first wearing hijab Morocco that has been prepared. To use this Moroccan hijab, you can set it according to your comfort position, keep the hijab Morocco does not bind tightly to the neck that makes you difficulties when moving and active.
  2. The next step, take hijab paris that you have prepared and fold into a triangle shape, place the head, make sure both ends of the veil have the same size length. For a round face, try placing a veil covering the about half of your cheeks.
  3. Then give a pin section left cheek to glue the hijab so as not to shake.
  4. Next we left the dance section we give just gets right pin and glue the end of this section hijab left cheek.
  5. Pin also pin section right cheek.
  6. Pull the tip of the veil right side and fold upward with given little space to give curved effect. Give pentuk needle in the middle.
  7. While the end of the rest of the hijab before, you can fold it up and turn it around in a circle and then gave a pin to close it. To be more tidy, also give a pin section right cheek, then Clean up your incorrect parts that still looks a mess.
Now the hijab tutorial for how to wear the hijab paris round face has been completed and you can apply at home with steps and ingredients are easy to find. Though your face is round, do not be shy to hijab because you can still look beautiful, Wassalamualaikum.

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