Hijab Paris Tutorial For Party Unique and Elegant

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Hijab Paris Tutorial - Assalamualaikum, That beautiful and elegant first impression expected by all women when it comes to the party. The party is a special moment, therefore, no wonder that many people are vying to reorganize its appearance when it comes to the party. In addition to celebrating the special moment, the party is also usually held as a reunion or meet each other together with old friends who have not see you. At the moment when they want to attend the special appearance united always in numbers to make it look different in front of his old friends.

Starting from the tip to toe does not escape the attention of those who want to go to a party. As for those who wear the hijab usually hijablah style or model that became the main criterion. However, most of those who wear the hijab always created confusion when determining the style or model to be applied. The confusion is usually because they do not know much would hijab style or model, so that the situation demanding them to perform a simple or mediocre.

Well, for those of you that are often confused, for now do not worry anymore. The reason we are here bisikan.com team will provide information to you about one of the hijab models that can be applied when it comes to the party. The model is very beautiful hijab this time, so it will make you become more graceful and attractive. Below we present a tutorial hijab paris for the party that is beautiful and graceful

Hijab Paris Tutorial

Materials Required :
  • Hijab paris 1 piece
  • Hijab Morocco 1 piece
  • Pin Moderation
  • Accessories hijab

Steps Hijab Paris For Party Unique and Elegant

  1. The first step is, starting first with hijab applying Morocco. Morocco Hijab is used to cover your hair to keep it out, and make your hijab looks to be more presentable. After that, fold into a triangular shape hijab paris. Then, apply the head with the upper corner is the head and to the other two corners at the bottom.
  2. Next, grab a corner of the veil right hand and pull up to the piling position, pulled up to the corner of the veil that are part to the left. If it had been like that, paste the right hand corner of the veil by using pins on the bottom side of the head to the left.
  3. Then, take the hijab accessories that have been prepared, then glue one end of the accessories using the pin just above the head. Then, pull the other end accessories to the right rear, and paste it back by using the pin.
  4. If so, take the veil left corner and pull up, and then apply on the head with a hijab angle position are piled up on the right hand side of the head. After that, pull a corner of the veil behind and paste using the pin. Furthermore, you can spruce up the veil that has been applied.
That Hijab Paris Tutorial For Party Unique and Elegant. This hijab style or model is perfect combined with beautiful long dress dressing. Coupled with natural makeup makeup. You need to remember, for the use of accessories on the hijab, it is recommended that you do not add any accessories to the dress you wear to avoid looking overdone. Good luck. Wassalamualaikum.

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