Hijab Tutorial How to Wear Hijab Paris Quadrangle

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Hijab Tutorial - Assalamualaikum, Wearing the hijab daily for a relaxing moment like hanging out with friends and family, of course must remain you noticed. So that you wear hijab always look beautiful even for events that are not formal. That way, if you always keep with still appear attractive appearance, others who see you will always remain amazed by your views.

Well, for the hijaber, you may be wondering what kind of hijab style fits you wear to casual events, with a beautiful style, but in a simple way in order your activity remain comfortable. Here I have the latest hijab tutorial that you can wear for casual moments. Is Hijab Tutorial How to Wear Hijab Paris Quadrangle that you can use, but before we consider the steps, it's good you have to know first what ingredients should you prepared.

Here the Ingredients to Prepare
  • 1 piece hijab paris
  • 1 piece hijab Morocco
  • Some pin
Hijab Tutorial
Source : bisikin.com
If the above materials you've prepared, then you can start reading steps tutorial hijab below.
  1. First of all, please wear the hijab Morocco you've prepared. For the use of hijab Morocco, you should position the hijab as comfortable as possible so tightly wrapped around the neck of Morocco is not, which makes aktifitasmu be uncomfortable.
  2. Next, take the hijab paris which you have previously prepared. This time, using the hijab paris other than the usual, if you usually always folded to form a triangle, but then on this time, let hijab paris wide open square shape as the original form.
  3. Then place it on his head, as usual you want to use the hijab. Next make sure if a part of each end of the hijab has different sizes, with the other end left shorter than the right edge or vice versa. 
  4. After that, pull the ends of the longer veils goto top of the head and wrap to the head, place the ponytail part right, then paste it using a pin.
  5. Then the rear still dangling, we drag and drop the fore over the head so as to form a layered pattern and make sure both ends have the same size.
  6. In order for both ends of the veil is strong glue, give each pin in the respective right and left sides.
  7. In order to look more tidy, tie the two ends of the veil earlier into and cover it with the tip of the dangling in front. This is to facilitate you to stay active in the move.
And now the Hijab Tutorial How to Wear Hijab Paris Quadrangle is ready. You can apply at home is certainly the method is so simple and easy. The final word, Wassalamualaikum ...

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